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14k Gold is the sturdiest of metals. It's 100% solid gold and the most expensive with the best quality. It is timeless and never tarnishes.

14k Gold Filled is a solid layer of gold (at least 5%) around a base metal. It is reasonably priced and can last a lifetime if taken properly care of. It's also water resistant and hypoallergenic.

Gold Vermeil over sterling silver, also described as "gold dipped", is heavy gold plating (.5-1%) over a base of sterling silver. It's a little more expensive and better quality than traditional gold plated jewelry.

Gold Plated is a tiny bit of gold (.03-.05%)on top of a base metal of brass or copper. It is the least expensive and will tarnish over time. It may irritate senstive skin.

Don't know where to start? Begin with The Everyday or a daintier style necklace--- then add a box chain, gold bead or link necklace- a little longer than the first. Third, add a pendant necklace that hangs longer than the other ones. If you are a "More is More girl," then pop in one or two more necklaces (messy can look styled!) at your preferred length.

If you properly take care of your jewelry, then it will last longer! That means taking it off before showering, swimming and exercising. 14k gold filled jewelry can get wet and has a much longer life than plated. It can be your every day, worry free jewelry! Plated jewels need some extra care in order to keep it looking pretty over time.

Sometimes the huggie earrings can come loose, or won't click when you try to close them.

If you look closely at one end of the earring, you will see a small opening. The opposite end has the post with a small notch that goes through your lobe and clicks into the opening. Over time the post can get slightly bent in a direction that makes it unable to line up and click into place.

Don't worry because this is an easy fix! Very gently, a little bit at a time, push the post back so that it lines up with the other side's small opeining. Check to see if it clicks when closed. If it doesn't, keep making small adjustments until it finally clicks into place.

The key to success is to make very small adjustments so that you don't break off the post! Slow and a little bit at a time!

If you still have trouble please email

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